Performance Inflatables sets the standard, delivering world class solutions for all environments: from subsea, to space, and everywhere in between.



Through state-of-the-art engineering, innovative manufacturing techniques, and partnership with our customers, we provide the right engineered inflatable solutions that deliver safety and security in the toughest conditions at an accessible price.


What We Do

We deliver solutions that enable our customers to explore difficult environments, from the depths of sea or space, and anywhere life and property are at risk.

Driven by a passion for innovation, our experienced engineering teams use high-tech fabrics and innovative manufacturing techniques to push the limits of what’s possible.


How We Work

When your situation leaves no margin of error, you can count on us to deliver the right products and specifications, scaled to deliver the optimum balance of value, quality, and efficiency. We’ll support you from ideation, to purchase, to deployment, and beyond.


A range of solutions to master any situation

Performance Inflatables brings together teams unified by their relentless pursuit of excellence. Our range of products is designed to solve engineering challenges in a wide range of applications for underwater, land, air, and even space. Using the highest quality materials and high tech fabrics, we offer solutions that will provide impactful performance in the most challenging environments.

If we don’t offer the right solution off the shelf, we’ll partner with you to build it.


buoyancy inflatables

  • Underwater lifting bags

  • Vehicle recovery systems

  • Pipe pluggers

  • Aircraft lifting bags

  • Proof load testing products

  • Ordinance disposal systems

High-durability flexibles

  • Liquid containment systems

  • Berm liners

  • Emergency water distribution systems

  • Air cushion vehicle skirts

  • Deployable solids management

  • Industrial diaphragms

We have received nothing but great quality and accuracy on the products provided thus far. The inspectors and I are always amazed at how good the products look and how well everything is documented. It’s great working with you all!
— Commercial Customer (AEF)

We love a good challenge

Unsure which solution you need? Talk to us. We’re here to help.